In this way, exposed

She may be there.
There is no night and day. The present
situation, much as the sum of all places or
like the dot on the i, one might say skull,
the tone deafening. Singular: a threefold
concert, but for words. As though without
anything between, save sounds as extreme
(their molten metal overcoating) and the
ball of twinings, veins fusing beneath the
crust. Stratification increasingly clear,
from stifling (magma, dense clots, thrusts
momentarily flashing, ciliary, in spurts) to
lightness, propulsion skidding beyond the pale.

               : talking-taking leave. One and two
meet up. Where I keep a distance in mind.
A night job. Impossible to calculate. « Hand
in hand », so it must have been in the
beginning. And so should the journey
begin. Leave-taking, talking, hands to the wall,
tongue to tongue, line by line. Exactly.

A movement that, at the start, a start of
the lungs. The entire body reduced to
cells, a cell. This wall named « waves ».
• A space, (c)overt. The beating
or exacting breathing, from seawall to wall
(horizon elided) and from wall to end-all
(magnified, the moment beyond, like light’s
after-life). What eats inversely at
time past or merely eats up: time.
Agreed upon Light.

          Tried to find refuge. Having no more,
said simply. I-put-through-the-mill held to
target. Maintained. -- « See in this way how talking
gives me away. » -- « See in this way how what I say
is given. » -- « To whom, in this way, to
begin again. » -- « In this way against the wall. »
-- in this way, exposed.

I in this way now invisible. She may be
there. Day and night, through the passage,
« in the between time », chromatic (Giotto,
March 1986).
Little by little, this body will be given back.
Might rise in silence, in music, once and for
all. In its flight, on the surface, once and
for all. In substance, rain and
dust. Set of all forces, set of all
laws. All the while subjected to intros. The
unsaid intensified: black. Suspended.
Tried on as force (forces and laws). A
lyrical simplification. Of birth.

Translated by Olivier Brossard & Andrew Maxwell