Beneath the bathtub, the sea
The pilot opens his light to the night
La Sarrazine
The nomad jewel
Hazardous childhood and his mother*
Disloyal spouse compost
Bloody landscape
Shivering yews
The wintry tongue
Glass paper
Cracks and orgy
The shipwrecked in his bath
Mist without flowers
Read Africa
The skeleton unhinged with rage
Function of the orgasm (Reich)
The field of eyelids
Contempt is goat cheese

See? I am still entertaining myself.
Adamantly because “adam” as in “eve and gardens.” Man: a kind, so long live gardens. “Dam” can do without commentary: “Damant,” or “damn little ants.” Gardens, gardens, gardens. Leave “Y” behind: -in French it is pronounced “igrek,” which brings me back to why...(This explains what “adamantly” can never be said in this case...)


Hollow men
Ire shes
Murder in the cathedral
Right arms
Garlic and sapphires
The mountainous
The war of kings
Two years after the flood
Asphalt and cement


Sad ravens
Bare armed knacker
Figure frontal view
Back of great naked warrior
Idea of departure
On the terrace, anguish
Race of the sages
English in the text
No traffic allowed on Pretty Leaves Street*
Rain or snow zone
Hot front, Cold front
Committee of experts missing a back tire
Changing directions
Lazy-bones wakes up
The crow, a battlefield regular
The lawyer’s room
Garden planted with fruit trees
Smooth pilgrimage
River in-brief
March! Street performers
The turtle’s hat
Marine plants and damaged oil tankers
Diving clocks
Glutton from mother and father
Rose coloured anemone
Invasions of the sea
Rude turtle stride
Hiccup of the toad fish
Celebratory statues of Hellenic origin
Of the rigid glance
To the height of eyes*

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Skeletal ground
The sky does not have the same density throughout
Fervent slaughters
Blue humus
Abraham’s complex
Multicoloured crow
Open road outlaw
Shifting continent
The Traveller
Isle at rock bottom
Low island
Violet death
Skull of Mozart as a child
Souls and cement
Couple in a garden
Pipeline and Christmas trees
Giant steps
The huge Atlantic scar
Fire belt
Time as usual
Inhabitants of the mirage
The dead painted red
Battle of the flying camels

A large pier ceiling
A long glass point

Lake of China *
Voyage in kaleidoscope
Himself hurled northwards
The Snake (Highgrass Street)
The fountain of thirst
Spontaneous flames
The never-ever *

Knock on wood, dear Pierre
Smooth sailing to you all

Figurines of wax or of wood
Magnet mobiles
Endless screw
Active peaks
Unsewing (time) machine
When afternoon falls
Erasmus and the shears
The whale and the sextant *
Vine tendrils
The space of one street
The opposite slope
From midnight to midnight
The oscillating eye of night
Arena *
Route of fire
"Where did I put my head?" said the dictator
The hat pinned on the beach
End of day in...
Ivan in Africa *
Sir Charles drew the general lines
The hour of the storm
And the army itself...
Check and shock the king and the queen
The question of cockroaches

(Asterisks refer to titles used by Pierre Alechinksy for his paintings and designs.)

Translated by Kristin Prevallet