“We couldn’t find” “our fathers—” “there were several” “of us”
“We were walking through subway cars” “looking” “for our fathers” “Endless
train” “It seemed the longest” “train there is” “as if it circled”
“the world—” “& we walked it, we were searching” “for our fathers,”

“when we entered” “a car of” “suited...animals—” “men, actually,”
“in business suits,” “clean shirts” “Charcoal suits, &” “navy-blue”
“ties (crimson stripes”) “—beautiful suits—” “And the men all” “had
animal” “heads.” “It was a dimly” “lit car” “the lights” “on occasion”

“would go completely:” “Darkness” “Silent” “Animal” “Faces” “Shaggy”
“or Sleek:” “He is a falcon, a gyrfalcon” “his head cocked toward his”
“business-suited” “wing-arm” “His eyes,” “clear-dark-round,” “stare”
“Or he’s a lemur” “a reddish lemur” “reddish eyes” “fur, tipped in orange,

glows orange” “above his gray suit” “He’s a panther, black sleek hair”
“You want to touch” “above his nose” “feel his short hair plush face,”
“black velvet” “He’s an owl” “His face is feathers, it is ruffed,”
“his eyes are critical, a” “gray owl:” “Were these our fathers?” “And

if so, which” “was which,” “who” “was my father” “your father?”
(“And the men” “couldn’t speak to us” “made no sound” “made no sign”)
“Can you” “find your father?” “Mine is probably” “an owl” “He stared”
“He stared at me” “But owls stare” “And then he looked away”