Toward a definition

The Hero attains distinction through his feats and
exceptional courage.

Legendary and mythical, he demonstrates his valor by a
series of deeds and difficult ordeals.

Married to a cause, he shall be worthy of the public esteem
and praise he has won. A demigod, he manifests something
of the divine: sun-like, radiant and full of energy, he faces
the unknown and is ever without fear.

It is preferable that the Hero be alive, though dead he is
more effective. The common man, the believer, can then
identify and involve himself with his life.

The modern Heroes are known to us by means of
audiovisual transmission (radio, television, cinema). Their
superhuman aspect is visible on the screen (face expanded)
and audible thanks to an electronically filtered voice.

Actor, cosmonaut, sportsman or revolutionary; young,
beautiful, passionate and rich; he belongs most often to
celebrity and spectacle.

Cinema has begotten stars become idol heroes, objects of a
cult most public.