First time : lovers' journey.
Round the Hero, or in spite of him, a love story is possible
much as the air is, or the severity of the sun.

His body says something.
Looking closer, you make out his power of discretion,
on screen, his exit is spectacular.
He swims, battles his adversaries, scrutinizes the horizon,
a fragment, coextensive with his maker.
From Madrid to New York, London to Paris, we discover
him in countless guises and with exceptional women.
In the arms of the heroine, we find him a pushover.
The way he comes on, yet keeps quiet, has been the subject
of much idle comment.
(Like his innocence and his proclivity for failure.)
The Hero should never imply a foregone conclusion, but
merely bide his time, filling up the dead hours.

          -- JEFF,
Her speech broke off.
          -- You're impossible …

Decked out in front of the mirror, fixing his tie.

It's the door. He turns around and exits the visual field.